In 22 years, mechanical installation project of 3.250.000 square meters closed area has been designed by us.


 (Ordering is prepared according to size of the building covered area) 
 Project NameAssociation NameConstruction Area ( m2)Place 
1Aliaga T Type Prison Buildings,  Public Housing    and Common FacilitiesMinistry of Justice263.000IZMIR 
2Kandira T Type Prison Buildings, and Common FacilitiesMinistry of Justice145.000KOCAELI 
3Eurocentrum Office BuildingsYenigun Cons.120.000Warsaw/POLAND 
4T Type Prison Buildings, Public Housing and Common FacilitiesMinistry of Justice95.000TOKAT 
5House, Swimming Pool, Sport Center, Garage and Central Office BuildingsMesa Cons.85.000ANKARA 
6Metris T Type Prison BuildingMinistry of Justice46.000ISTANBUL 
7Osmaniye T Type Prison BuildingMinistry of Justice45.000OSMANIYE 
8Heybeliada Naval High School Mess, Dormitory, Instruction Presidency, Conference Hall and Addition Buildings (Soldier Dormitory, Soldier Mess,  Workshops, Bakery)Ministry of National Defence38.700ISTANBUL 
9Kirsehir Prison Building and Workshops, Public Housing and Common FacilitiesMinistry of Justice35.000KIRSEHIR 
10Diyarbakir Congress and Culture CenterMunicipality of Diyarbakir34.000DIYARBAKIR 
11Metris T Type Prison Building, Rehabilitation BuildingMinistry of Justice32.000ISTANBUL 
12Searching and Apply Hospital includes 300 beds, Medicine FacultyManas University30.000KIRGHIZISTAN 
13Bilecik Police School, architectural, electricty, static and mechanical installation projectsMinistry of Public Works25.600BILECIK 
14Justice Palace BuildingMinistry of Justice25.500DIYARBAKIR 
15Ministry of Justice Additional BuildingMinistry of Justice25.000ANKARA 
16Umraniye T Type Prison BuildingMinistry of Justice23.000ISTANBUL 
17Service of Building of KocaeliSocial Security Institution23.000KOCAELİ 
18Siirt Univercity BuildingSiirt Univercity22.500SİİRT 
19Van, Delice, Sulakyurt Prison BuildingsMinistry of Justice21.000VAN – DELICE – SULAKYURT 
20Data Processing and Data Technologies BuildingTurkish Petroleum Incorporated Corporation20.000ANKARA 
21Land Registry and Cadastre Service Building in BursaMinistry of Environment and City Planning20.000BURSA 
22Aksaray University, Faculty of Fine Arts and LaboratoriesAksaray University20.000AKSARAY 
23Uludag Trade Center and Restourant Buildings 15.000ANKARA 
24Trade Center and Supermarket Building 15.000Guzelburc/ HATAY 
25Service of Building of BursaMinistry of Environment and City Planning15.000BURSA 
26Hospital Yavuz SelimMinistry of Health15.000Kartal / İSTANBUL 
27Land Registry and Cadastre Service Building in İzmirMinistry of Environment and City Planning15.000İZMİR 
28Bus Maintenance and Repair FacilityAnkara Metropolitan Municipality15.000ANKARA 
29Hilton Hotel ConsultancyHilton Hotel15.000AVANOS / NEVŞEHİR 
30Moldova Chisinau Hotel Revision ProjectSumma Construction Company12.120Chisinau/ MOLDOVA 
31Dormitory (200 people) BuildingMinistry of Public Works11.000ISPARTA 
32Kayseri Urgent Education and Searching HospitalMinistry of Health10.000KAYSERI 
33Karasu Courthouse BuildingMinistry of Justice10.000ADAPAZARI 
34Health of Mouth and Tooth HospitalMinistry of Health8.500BOLU 
35Aselsan Engineering BuildingAselsan8.500ANKARA 
36Ilgaz Education Center of Surviving and Rescue Ministry of National Defence8.500CANKIRI 
37Taskopru Courthouse Building Ministry of Justice7.800KASTAMONU 
38Uludag Sport Center Building  7.800ANKARA 
39Denizli Governor House and Public HousesDenizli City Private Administration7.000DENİZLİ 
40Prison Buildings, Workshops and Common FacilitiesMinistry of Justice6.800UNYE 
41Aybasti Courthouse BuildingMinistry of Justice6.500ORDU 
42Service of Building of AğrıSocial Security Institution6.500AĞRI 
43Menemen Courthouse BuildingMinistry of Justice5.700IZMIR 
44Tercan Hospital of State BuildingMinistry of Health5.500ERZINCAN 
45The Red Crescent Health Establishment and Blood Center BuildingsMinistry of Health5.500KONYA 
46Giresun University, Faculty of Science BuildingGiresun University5.500GİRESUN 
47Kutahya Dental BuildingMinistry of Health5.500KÜTAHYA 
48Oyak Renault ServiceRenault Company5.500ANKARA 
49Aqua park ProjectMunicipality of Samsun5.000SAMSUN 
50Aydin Prime Ministry Service BuildingMinistry of Environment and City Planning5.000AYDIN 
51Denizli Prime Ministry Service BuildingMinistry of Environment and City Planning5.000DENİZLİ 
52Malatya Prime Ministry Service BuildingMinistry of Environment and City Planning5.000MALATYA 
53Land Registry and Cadastre Service Building in BoluMinistry of Environment and City Planning5.000BOLU 
54Ayvalık Prime Ministery Service BuildingMinistry of Environment and City Planning7.500AYVALIK 
55Bursa Prime Ministery Service BuildingMinistry of Environment and City Planning13.000BURSA 
56Çanakkale Prime Ministery Service BuildingMinistry of Environment and City Planning5.000ÇANAKKALE 
57Bilgi HospitalBilgi Hospital5.000ANKARA 
58Ankara Yegenbey Head of the Financial Department Building 4.800ANKARA 
59Korkuteli Courthouse BuildingMinistry of Justice4.600ANTALYA 
60Bozdag Courthouse BuildingMinistry of Justice4.600AYDIN 
61Telecom Directorate BuildingTurk Telecom4.600BALIKESIR 
62Kirsehir Sugar Plant Managerial and Mess Hall Buildings and Public HousesTurkish Sugar Plants Inc.Company  4.500KIRSEHIR 
63Bua International Co. Head OfficeÖzel4.500NİJERYA 
64Niksar Courthouse BuildingMinistry of Justice4.500TOKAT 
65Post Distribution Center Building 4.000ISKENDERUN 
66Conservatory BuildingMinistry of National Defence4.000ANKARA 
67Service of Building of ArdahanSocial Security Institution4.000ARDAHAN 
68Embassy of Uzbekistan and Kancilarya BuildingMinistry of Public Works3.600UZBEKISTAN 
69Yumrubel Campus F Block Mass Hall and Centre of Science Buildings TED Ankara Collage3.500ANKARA 
70Edirne İl Jandarma Komutanlığı Hizmet BinasıJandarma Komutanlığı3.500EDİRNE 
71Culcuoglu Trade Center Buildings 3.000ANKARA 
72Peugeot Service BuildingPeugeot Company3.000ANKARA 
73ERS INC.COMPANY General Directorate BuildingERS Inc.Company2.600ANKARA 
74Tokat Hizmet BuildingPTT3.000TOKAT 
75Karabük Public Education BuildingKarabük Municipality3.000KARABÜK 
76ATAK Engineering Management Addition Building – Mess Hall Building Worker Dormitory Buildings 2.600ANKARA 
77Cankırı Courthouse BuildingMinistry of Justice2.500CANKIRI 
78Tugrul Residence 2.500NİGDE 
79Turk Telecom Revision ProjectTurk Telecom2.500ISTANBUL 
80Karabük Dormitory BuildingKarabük Education Development Association2.500KARABÜK 
81Yozgat Courthouse BuildingMinistry of Justice2.500YOZGAT 
82LG Country House Villa 2.000Moskow/ 
83Merkur Apart Hotel Mechanical Installation Consultant  2.000ANKARA 
84Country Bank South Service Building 2.000DENIZLI 
85Bilgin Trade Center Building 2.000ANKARA 
86Mess HallGeneral Directorate of Highways 2.000ANKARA 
87İskenderun Iron & Steel Factory 1.600ISKENDERUN 
88Moldova Museum Revision Project 1.500Chisinau / MOLDOVA 
89TAI Mess Hall BuildingTAI1.500ANKARA 
90Kartal Justice PalaceMinistry of Justice1.500ISTANBUL 
91Canakcılar Villa 1.500ZONGULDAK 
92Air Logistics BuildingTurkish Air Force1.500ADANA 
93Kars Prime Ministry Service BuildingMinistry of Environment and City Planning1.500KARS 
94Sincan Ankara HouseSincan Municipality1.000ANKARA 
95Sanitary Institute Service Building (E Block Renovation)Sanitary Institute1.000ANKARA 
96Golbası Villa 500ANKARA 
97Cayyolu Akyürek Villa 400ANKARA 
98Beytepe Villa 240ANKARA 
99Afsin-Elbistan Thermic Santral Addition BuildingsTurkish Electricity Inc.Corporation K.MARAS 
100Samsun Prime Ministery Service BuildingMinistry of Environment and City Planning5.500SAMSUN 
101Hatay Prime Ministery Service BuildingMinistry of Environment and City Planning7.500HATAY 
102 Gaziantep Prime Ministery Service BuildingMinistry of Environment and City Planning7.500GAZİANTEP 
103Mardin Prime Ministery Service BuildingMinistry of Environment and City Planning7.500MARDİN 
104Şırnak Prime Ministery Service BuildingMinistry of Environment and City Planning7.500ŞIRNAK 
105Atılım Costruction ResideancePrivate25.000ANKARA 
106Bolu Head of the Financial Department BuildingMinistry of Environment and City Planning5.000BOLU 
107Private Rehabilitation Centre Private7.000ANKARA 
108MEB Dormitory and Social Centre Ministry of Education 15KAYSERİ 
109State Hospital Capacity of 400 bed Sağlık Bakanlığı20.000KASTAMONU 
110Karabük Municipality Dormitory Building for 1000 person Karabük Belediyesi/TOKİ14.000KARABÜK 
111Sürücüler Cooperation ProjectÖzel20.000KARABÜK 
112Kansai Altan Akzo Nobel Paint FactoryP&ID / Proses Diyagramları 100.000Kemalpaşa          İZMİR 
113Özkardeşler Commerce Centre Private30.000Bayraklı                 İZMİR 
114ANKAS İNŞAATPrivate10000Gaziantep 
Mahmut Altunkaya Residence 
Fire Fighting Projects 
LİDERSAN Oil filling Factory  
LİDERSAN Cow&Milk Farm  
LİDERSAN Health Product Industries  
 Project NameAssociation NameConstruction Area ( m2)Place 
1ANKAS İNŞAAT Fuel-Oil İstasyonu Ve Sosyal TesisleriALTUNKAYA GROUP3.000DOHUK IRAK 
3ANKAS İNŞAAT Bebek Bezi Fabrikası ve Ek TesislerALTUNKAYA GROUP25.000DOHUK IRAK 
5EGE Serbest Bölgesi AŞ (ESBAŞ) Central Food Factory Capacity of 25.000 person/day Aegean Free Zon8.000Gaziemir  İZMİR